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Sourdough Sandwich Bread

Mix, rise, knead, rise… These words have haunted me.  As a teenager, I thought homemade bread came from a bread machine, because I couldn’t imagine how a person could stand punching and twisting dough for ten minutes straight.  Here I am, sharing these unbelievable photos of bread that I made, and I can hardly keep in my joy.

Yes, as a millennial (Gen-Y), I might be a little naive saying that bread is hard to make.  But it didn’t come from a bag!  It only has flour, water, oil, and yeast in it!  Look, ma!

Personally, I adore making things from scratch.  I enjoy the challenge of it.  Best of all is when I contemplate about how people did this all the time and didn’t blog about it.  Imagine that!

Another challenge is keeping your sourdough starter alive.  It’s easy to make but easier to forget about.  If tended to like a small child, you could have bread like this every day.  I give credit for this amazing bread to the blog The Kitchn, for holding my hand through raising my “baby” all the way through the baking process.  Astounding teachers, they are! (I like my bread to have a little wheat flour, so my version reflects those changes.  If you’d like a white-flour-only version, check out their original recipe linked below!)  Happy Kneading!


Sourdough Sandwich Bread
recipe modified from The Kitchn
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