Hello everyone, and welcome to the Price List.
It’s awfully embarrassing to post prices of things- and in a perfect world, perhaps we wouldn’t – but these are here for your benefit and security. If you are curious for why the prices are what they are, please refer to the bottom of this page. Thank you!



Cakes are wonderful and come in different shapes and sizes.  The most requested cake by far is the 26″ round, 2-layer cake with buttercream frosting, but I have many custom tins and could easily make the cake you envision in your mind! *note: Cake pictured above is considered an elaborate design and will cost a bit extra*

Vanilla, Chocolate, Carrot, Red Velvet,  Angel Food, Cheesecake, Pavlova, Orange, Pineapple Upside Down, Coffee, Lemon, Sponge, Yellow (Butter), and many more…

2 Layer, Round Buttercream – $30
2 Layer, Round Cream Cheese – $35 *note: must be kept refridgerated*

Custom Tins
Horse: $50
Rugby: $40
6 Paw Print Cakes: $30

Cupcake Cakes

Cow Cupcake Cake
These cakes are very popular in the USA and other countries, too! There are normally 24 Cupcakes in each design.
I can make any design you would like, and can set a time to lay out the cupcakes at your home (in the local area).
Price is dependent on  the complexity of the design and how many colors of icing are necessary.




Cupcakes are my personal favorite type of cake. I love how sweet and cute they look. Cupcakes can be basic or extremely elaborate! Your imagination is the limit!

1 dozen (12), basic buttercream frosting (1 color): $15
Fruits, sugar paste details, extra colors and other decorations will have a small additional fee.




I also love making a good pie. My pies are completely from scratch, crust and all.  The best pies are made from fruit that is in-season, but of course I can make whatever flavor you would prefer.

Chocolate Mousse, Oreo Cream, Fruit (Berry, Apple, etc), Pumpkin…

1 large pie with top crust in any design: $20


A few notes:
All of my desserts are made completely from scratch with no mixes or shortcuts. My grandmother taught me to never take a shortcut in baking or else you would be able to taste it right away, and she’s completely right!   I absolutely understand the convenience factor of buying a box mix, but in the end, it’s nothing like homemade.

All of my cakes have a shelf life of about 4 days from the time it is completed. Some cakes may require refrigeration due to their particular frosting.  Also, some homes are warmer than others.  I recommend that all desserts be placed in the refrigerator as soon as possible to ensure quality. Allow to thaw for 10-15 minutes on your kitchen counter before serving.   The shelf life may vary due to how your cake is stored. An air-tight container is best, but some cling film can do the trick in a pinch.

All of my cupcakes will be frosted with an open star tip to give that classic swirl that most people expect.  If you would like your cupcakes to be frosted differently, please be sure to tell me.  Also, if there is a particular muffin cup you would like me to use, please specify, otherwise I will use what I think goes best with the theme or color scheme you’ve chosen!

Please order a week in advance to your occasion. This is important in case I have to drive out of town to pick up some supplies unique to your vision, or if I’ve run low on something that’s not available in our small town. I want to provide the absolute best to you, and that is never possible if rushed!

If you or a member of your family have ANY sort of food allergy, please tell me before placing an order.
Thank you for your custom!

Rachel “Rae”


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